Kris Aquino: ready to work again

kris-aquino We all know that just recently late Cory Aquino died at the age of 76 to colon cancer. According to interviews Kris is now ready to work again. Although its hard for Kris, life has to move on. They just get strength from each other and to the support of public.According to Kris “Nafi-feel namin na sobrang lungkot namin, pero in someway there is so much gratitude sa puso namin”.

Now that the late president is resting in peace together with her husband Ninoy, Kris said that she is now ready to go back to work. She will resume working on August 10, 2009 at ABS-CBN while James Yap is preparing for the RP team to play in China. Because before Cory died she was always reminding Kris to love her work. That’s why even if it was hard, Kris is ready to go for work soon.

Actress added “I’m so scared to go back to work kasi I know na mom will not be watching,”. As remembered whenever Kris has a new movie the late president was always there to give support, and when there is a new show Cory was always telling kris “Goodluck” and immediately after the show there is the text coming from Cory saying “Congratulation and i’m proud of you.”

It was really hard to let go of the people you love the most, saying goodbye to your love one is hard and it will break your heart. I hope Kris survive the pain, she can get strength to her family who was alwyas there and to the people who is supporting what Cory fighted for.

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