Roxanne Guinoo: Quit showbiz?

roxHow true that Roxanne Guinoo will leave the showbiz industry?
After leaving the Banana Split first season, lately Roxanne is not visible to Philippine television. From the exclusive interview of ABS-CBN the actress explains all the issues giving to her. According to Roxanne she was only leaving the sexy images and she wants now to be known as serious actress. As remembered, Roxanne changed her images after doing the sexy commericial as a White Castle endorser.
There were speculations that actress was become picky when accepting projects. Thia issu was cleared by Roxanne that she was not being picky but, she only wants to change image. Actress added that not all the time you have to accept projects because it was neededBut also considered things if its for movie, did things that was for widescreen. But if its for soap opera, do things that are neccessary for television.

Roxanne Guinoo was discovered from the talent search of Star Circle Quest, she was the member of the first batch. Although Roxanne did not make it to be the Grand Questor but ABS-CBN still gave Roxanne projects. I think ABS-CBN will not let go of Roxanne because actress was talented and proven herself before from the teleserye she made like Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? and Ligaw Na Bulaklak.

But what happen to the project that Roxanne tell before?
Will the Susan Roces Cinematic Collection presents Florinda still be launch and watch by Filipinos?
Lets wait and see what is the next move of ABS-CBN for this.

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