Joey Marquez: cleared to “walis ting-ting” case

joey_insidepic002sf1It was in the year 1996 when former Parañaque City Mayor Joey Marquez faced the graft scandal at “walis tingting”. The graft case said was controversial because upon purchasing “walis ting-ting” costing about 2.9 million pesos. Joey became the city mayor at the year 1995-2005.

It was in the year 2007 when the Sandiganbayan, sentenced Joey Marquez to 50 years of imprisonment, because of the overpriced “walis ting-ting”.
The court issued statement before : “This Court is convinced that the transactions entered into by Parañaque City relative to the walis tingting are manifestly and grossly disadvantageous to government. After that Joey Marquez post bail in the amount of 240,000 pesos, and filed the motion for reconsideration with the help of his legal cousel Atty. Noel Malaya.

Now the court reversed thier decision due to lack of evidence. Statement issued by the court: The reasoning of the Sandiganbayan is specious and off-tangent. The team reached a conclusion of gross overpricing based on documents, which, at best, would merely indicate the present market price of walis tingting of different specification, purchased from a non-supplier of Parañaque City and the
price of walis tingting in Las Piñas City.
“Effectively, the prosecution was unable to demonstrate the requisite burden of proof, i.e., proof beyond reasonable doubt in order to overcome the presumption of innocence in favor of petitioners.”

Joey is now for any case against the law. Is this the beginning of a new life to Joey?
What will be the next plan of Joey? Does he have interest to go back to politics? Lets find out what will happen next.

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