Dingdong Dantes says his fans give him an Adrenaline rush

This 11th of October, a lot Dingdong fanatics gathered in lines as they await the official opening of the famous actor’s book signing event at National Bookstore TriNoMa Mall, Quezon City. These peoeple endured lengthy lines just to personally know and meet the World’s ‘ “Third Sexiest Man in the World” (International Magazine).

Dingdong Dantes says his fans always give him an adrenaline rush

Dingdong Dantes laughing about the Presidential candidate allegiance to Noynoy Aquino

Of course Dingdong was delighted to meet his esteemed fans and wouldn’t want to disappoint these people who idolized him as a handsome and charming man. Sabi nga nila “Mabait, palangiti, madaling lapitan. Higit sa lahat, guwapo at maganda ang breeding. ‘Yan si Dingdong Dantes.”

Featured on bookazine is DingDong Dantes’ personal information, truthful and painstakingly accurate. Those who really wanted to know their idol thoroughly, had their hands on the said item. Bookazine did not put emphasis on his Showbiz Life rather it stressed focus on his personal self and only himself. However this article, according to the actor is not that accurate and personal, since it was not an autobiography and he feels he has a lot more to do in life to feel this sense and completeness to write his own legacy of a lifetime.

For three hours, Dingdong tirelessly and without a trace of fatigue or stress signed purchased copies of Bookazine. He honestly told the media: “In fact I get my energy from them because they show me that they appreciate me. There’s nothing more, I won’t ask for anything more. When I see them I don’t feel really tired,” Dingdong said. He also adds that he cherishes the help of Filipinos for the Yes Pinoy Foundation, which he heads having received a lot of money.

Dingdong Dantes too compelled to his fans, enthusiastically expressed his gratitude saying:

“Hanep kayo, hanep kayo! Maraming salamat for supporting me,” he enthused. “Kaya ako nagkakaroon ng fuel and strength because of people like you and so I never get tired. So, carry on guys!”


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