Glaiza de Castro’s intensity in Stairway to Heaven caused her stress

According to Glaiza de Castro, her intense portrayal of Eunice at an Evening Sop on GMA caused her stress this past Monday October 12. She experienced numbness and restricted breathing during her taping, there was enough stress that it caused her to call a doctor.

Glaiza de Castro's intensity in <em>Stairway to Heaven</em> caused her stress

But through God’s help she was able to recover quickly, allowing her to get back to work two days after the incident. She quoted that before the taping ¬†about 2:00 am that day she had to pack up after her shooting on an indie film and then again she had a call time of 4:00 am for her shooting at Stairway from Heaven. She was able to rest for an hour however after the shooting the incident occurs. From her hands the sensation of numbness reached through her body and then she began to feel breathing difficulties, luckily her doctor was contacted in time, time enough to have her properly treated.

The doctor diagnosed her that the numbness and breathing difficulties she experienced has been caused by stress and her present mental state. The actress couldn’t agree more as she mentioned that, it was nothing more than a stress caused by taking a bath after a very hard and sleepless day

Her role as the antagonist on the Korean adopted SOP showed on GMA, is an acceptable cause for the incident. Her portrayal of a role that emphasizes frantic villainy, concentrates on quarreling with other people. On a scale, she lays a joke to her doctor that she had been stressed out with a lot of people she quarreled with.

On the other hand she has also been praised by Joyce Bernal, quoting “Saludong saludo ako sa kanya”. Glaiza’s effort was afterall recognized and worthed after all


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