Arci Muñoz confirms relationship with Callalily front man Kean Cipriano

arciIn an interview in StartaTalk, StarStruck alumna Arci Muñoz apologizes to Kean Cipriano of band Callalily because she was misunderstood. She said that she didn’t mean to deny him about their relationship in the interview. She said that Kean got angry because of denying that they have a relationship. She also admits to him that she didn’t deny Kean, a misunderstood about her lines. She explained to Kean about the allegations on her and said that it is part of her job.

The new host said that she met Kean when she auditioned for the StarStruck back in 2006. Kean also planned to join the contest at that time. They never got the chance to know each other because he couldn’t leave his band. Kean is also helping Arci with her band called Philia and tells that he gives a big influence to her band. She said that the most important to her right now is the present and said that there are happy together.

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