Election Updates: A Star-studded 2010 Elections

<strong>ELECTION WATCH: </strong>Celebrities vie for national and local government positions

2010 Election Candidates

2010 Elections will probably be another star-studded event. The people of the Philippines will be expecting a political match between celebrities, actors and actresses, broadcasters and other personalities that have what it takes for candidacy for both local and national positions.

Rather than looking at their show business and media careers, Filipinos would rather see these apsirants’ political views and achievements for the past years they’ve held governmental offices. Some of them have indeed affected the course of our nation towards progress and of course several have failed to do anything at all while in their executive seats. However from all of these one thing will be constant, there will be some of these brightlight people that are going to have a sure seat for local and national government offices this 2010.

Some of these famous personas will run for national positions include Action star and former President, Joseph Estrada, who would like to spend his life’s end career as President of the Philippines despite the fact that he has been charged and found guilty for plunder and granted clemency given the condition he would not run for Public office again.

Other’s include Edu Manzano andSen . Loren Legarda, who would be running for vice-president position. Loren, after loosing from colleague broadcaster Noli de Castro for vice-president still has the will to run for the coming election’s vice-presidential seat as a mate of presidentiable Sen. Manny Villar. On the other hand Edu Manzano has formally accepted presidentiable Gibo Teodoro, who has been endorsed by the Arroyo administration. Meanwhile Sen. ‘Bong’ Ramon Revilla Jr., who has indeed made achievements as Senator will still be running for Senate for the 2010 Elections.

The following celebrities and familiar faces who will be running for local positions will include: Lani Mercado for a congressional seat in Bacoor, Cavite, Richard Gomez for congressman of Ormoc City, Manny Pacquiao for congressman of Saranggani, Batangas Governor Vilma Santos for re-election, Lito Lapid for governor of Pampanga, Cesar Montano for governor of Bohol, current Vice-Mayor of Quezon City Herbert Bautista as Mayor and his mate Joy Belmonte as his mate for Vice-Mayor, Aiko Melendez as Vice-Mayor for Quezon City, Actor and current Vice-Mayor of Manila Isko Moreno wants to be re-elected for the same position, Ara Mina and Alfred Vargas as Councilor for the Second District of Quezon City and Angelica Jones an aspirant to be as Board Member for the Third District of Laguna.


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