Jef Gaitan and her fellow Survivor castaway Marvin Kieffer are now in a relationship

Jef Gaitan admits fellow <em>Survivor </em>castaway Marvin Kiefer is now her boyfriendJef Gaitan, one of the final three to remain in Survivor Series: Palau has been very thankful for her consistent blessings after all she went through the GMA-7 Reality show. Not known to many, the gentle survivor has been doing modeling, commercials and TV advertisements since she was sixteen(16) years old and she really likes the fact that she is moving unto the next level. Her dreams has been partially realized as she had a artist’s contract with Viva Artist Agency co-managed through GMA Artist Center.

For a fact to know, Jef confirmed her relationship with Marvin Kiefer and thought it was about time she confirmed. Then again infamously known, She have met Marvin five years ago at a commercial and TV ad modeling agency. Those times they have known they have feelings for one another, however the odd thing was she was sixteen(16) and Marvin was about fourteen(14) or fifteen(15).

It was also true that it was a very tough decision for her to vote out Marvin at Survivor: Palau but it was all for the sake for proving her strength and willpower. On the other hand misunderstandings couldn’t be helped and both Jef and Marvin didn’t have communication for several weeks. However after these times, they were slowly building up their relationship and Marvin accepted that it was all just but a game he had projected to much emotion. As a whole the Reality show made Jef Gaitan a very strong woman who can have world bare differences and difficulties.


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