Krista Ranillo’s side assessing the best way to comply with the rising Manny Pacquiao controversy

Krista Ranillo's camp planning when and how to answer rumor on affair with Manny PacquiaoSimilar to Manny’s behavior or way of answering the their recent controversy Krista Ranillo did not give a direct answer towards rising issues between her and the Philippines’ boxing champ. Krista answered that she would not give a firm answer and will take the time to properly assess when and how to answer these rumors. On a recent controversial internet video Manny was seen kissing someone on his vehicle upon leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live studio and it is allegedly connoted that this person is Krista

She somehow answered the issue of her being pregnant, by telling the press that “No, I’m not pregnant” and seconded it at GMA News with the fact that she and Director Dominic Zapata are in a relationship. Dominic answered on a text message that a lot of lies revolves around Krista and Manny. GMA also had the chance to talk with Alfred Vegafria, talent manager of Krista  which is currently at Paris, France and is planning to set a press conference to answer these negative rumors about his artist.

Meanwhile, Manny is already returning to the Philippines and before arrival, he had a after-fight party and mini-concert at Los Angeles. There Krista was not at sight and likewise with Manny’s wife Jinkee Pacquiao. Rumors are also spreading about the big fight between Manny and Jinkee.


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