Manny Paquiao rumored affair with Krista Ranillo

Manny Pacquiao on rumored affair with Krista Ranillo: "No comment."
Manny Pacuiao on rumored affair with Krista Ranillo

Philippines most eligible and famous boxing champ who has just beaten Puerto Rican boxing sensation Miguel Cotto has been alleged to have a rumored relationship with Krista Ranillo. However upon press interview with Manny he had no particular confirmation or denial of the said issue that he and the daughter of Mat Ranillo III really had that kind of mutual relationship.

On his interview with Dyan Castillejo, Manny answered that the people should focus on their personal lives and should not mind others personal affairs, he emphasized, that kind of attitude and crab mentality behavior has always led the filipino people towards slow progress and non-development.

On the other Manny’s wife, Jinkee Pacquiao is on a intense emotional breakdown caused non other than her husband and her problems and affairs. During the Thanksgiving Mass for Manny’s victory over Cotto, The wife was unable to prevent an emotional play with the media by which she has shown and confirmed that she and manny had their relative problems. These can be seen through her actions during those times.

Meanwhile on SNN, Kris Aquino had interviewed Jinkee and has thoroughly assessed the current relationship of Manny and her. There they found out that the Philippines National Fist and his wife really had relationship setbacks due to these rumors and the showbiz around them. On the other hand Arnold Vegafria, Manager of Krista Ranillo confirmed that Manny and his star only are in a “Close Friend Relationship Status” since the actress knows that Manny is already a married man.


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