PEP: Rufa Mae elated over ex-bf’s Rudy Hatfield’s new career


Rufa Mae Quinto and Rudy Hatfield

Rufa Mae Quinto is happy and at the same time surprise of knowing that her ex-boyfriend Rudy Hatfield is now a Christian missionary. Hatfield is a former Alaska player in Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).  At first she doesn’t want to believe after knowing it from others. But after she watched the VTR interview last November 15 on Showbiz Central she smiled and feels happy of knowing the new career of her ex-boyfriend.

She stated on PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that she is surprised and also said that there are many changes to Rudy, the way he talks and also his looks describing that Rudy has a more beautiful smile than before.

Hatfield change his career after he is questioned about his citizenship and banned to play on PBA.  She said that Rudy’s passion is playing basketball. He left the Philippines last 2005 and want to have a new career as a wrestler.  But now he is a missionary.

Rufa Mae said that she is not surprised when she got news about Rudy’s wife named Bethany. Rudy is also happy knowing that Rufa Mae is engaged.  Rufa Mae is proud to Rudy because he made his life a beautiful one serving with God.

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