Yeng’s many ‘firsts’


Yeng Constantino has her latest album titled “Lapit” with her first collaboration with Raimund Marasigan. Her debut album is under Star Records. She has a nice attitude of handling the fan’s comment about her proffesion. Inspite of all the negative feedback, she admit that she’s growing right now. She said that before she’s very affected on what people made negative comments to her but now she has a confidence of facing all that negative feedbacks. She is confident of having her talent as God’s gift.

“Lapit ” is her debut album with collaboration to her idol Raimund Marasigan. Their team up for this album has a great chemistry with Yeng works for the composition of her song and Raimund is for the melody. Marasigan never edited what Yeng did and just advise her on how to sing more from the heart. She also shares that she has some other firsts in her life and enumerated as follows: The first song I sang, First artist I admired, First song I wrote, First concert I watched, First thing I did for my family after winning PDA, First thing that inspired me to write songs. These are her “firsts” that she receives in her life.

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