A Fashion come back by Agot Isidro

Agot Isidro makes fashion comeback at 43Known as Ingrid Martinez-Garcia, Agot is the over-obssessive fashion villainess in the recently concluded teleserye “Tayong dalawa”. Also seen pre viously at a noon time television show, her fashionable outfit is always pre-anticipated by her viewers and audiences. But now as never seen before she makes her come back in the fashion world not as the conservative type you known of her but the very high-street fashion galore diva no one expects.

On the other hand, Agot says she is not accustomed with such glamorous dressess and accessories since she is more comfortable wearing conservative dresses. To add, she has these so called “items” but she does not have much to have them worn or shown.

Combined with that sense that she is always seen wearing her usual clothes which are conservative, the fashion come back will make her the woman as never seen before in frontal fashion magazines. The EIC of Preview, Pauline Suaco-Juan says that she is the epitome of the statement of “having fun with fashion even at the age of 43″.


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