Regine Velasquez in good terms with her new spin-off role as villainess ‘Elektra’ in Darna

The Asian Songbird seems to be comfortable with her new spin-off character in Darna as an alien villainen villainess ‘Elektra’ who has descended to earth with only one goal in mind. Media asks Regine if she is ok with the role as a supporting actress of Marian Rivera or by anyway at a slightest possible occasion awkward with  her current role in the show. Despite the fact that she has been doing main protagonist or antagonist roles in different movies, teleseryes, soaps and shows, she still claims that she is very thrilled on her role playing as a superhero character. She also adds that she’s very reluctant not to play superheroes roles for she had good experiences as Darna in Captain Barbell and others.

Somehow the actress seems to feel something new since she plays a bit of comedian role since she seems at large with dramatic scenes and is only familiar with the crying and mushy acting during taping. The actress feels good that she is playing a role that is something funny and exciting

Meanwhile she has just made her second to the last taping as ‘Elektra at Bulacan and will be making her Christmas Vacation at Australia on December 22 together with Singing Sensation Ogie Alcasid.


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