Vanity and Complacancy a thing of the Past: Heart Evangelista

Clearly, famous young actress, Heart Evangelista has really learned her lessons from previous experiences. One notable flare of thought from his repertoire of bad  and good memories is her sky booming success from the Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love which had wrought upon her lots of joyous memories that she took beyond care.

Noticeably Heart has really earned a heart-felt lesson that until this day she still bares guard. She says that even though her recent successes has again brought her to the fore of fame, she tells herself she has yet a lot to do rather than to sleep in a comfortable bed together with her much loathsome gains and trophies.

She also tries to maintain her cool when it comes to achievements so that her father or parents won’t bare any bad or ill thoughts regarding their daughter. Also she has realized their counseling and advices seem to be out of hand but later she realized the importance and significance of each word uttered by her origins. Likewise, she has manifested a firm rooting through realizing her mistake of being rebellious for the sake of her and Jericho Rosales’ Love. It’s just puppy love according to the actress.


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