WWE Superstar Batista on upcoming Pacquiao vs. Mayweather says “Manny’s gonna kill him”

WWE superstar Batista on the upcoming Pacquiao-Mayweather dream match: "I think Manny's gonna kill him!"

WWE Superstar Dave "The Animal" Batista

World Wrestling Entertainemnt (WWE) Superstar Dave ” The Animal” Batista has visited the Philippines mainly on a professional account though he was expecting a show business fuzz on his visit from the media.

Batista visited the country to endorse Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) latest energy drink product Xplode. On press conference hailed by the WWE Superstar, several prominent media were invited and has received information and personal insights from Batista. On a dialogue with Batista, he has cited that he was proud to be a Filipino by blood and that in many ways he has loved the Philippines, its traditions, culture and of course its women. Batista did not deny that he was bedazzled by a beautiful Filipina which turned to be a Famous pinay celebrity. However, Batista denied that her name be mentioned to the media.

The Wrestling super sensation has also made several statements regarding the Pacman and his coming battle with Floyd Mayweather. He mentioned that he was proud of the Filipino name carried by Manny Pacquiao and that he can beat up and figuratively speaking, kill Floyd Mayweather.


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