Kris Aquino, 2 sons leave home

Showbiz celebrity Kris Aquino with her two sons has left the home she shares with husband, basketball star James Yap, shortly after the news of her quarrel with another girl over Yap was reported in the papers last week.
“I need space for myself. Bugbog na bugbog na ako (I’m beat up already). James and I need to fix ourselves in order for us to be OK together,” said the movie actress and TV host.
Aquino added that she left their home for their children’s safety.”[The Austrias and I] live in the same village. I’m always away working, baka ang mga anak ko naman ang balikan (my children might be the next targets),” she pointed out.
Aquino, however, admitted that she and Yap have already been having marital problems since December and that Yap left their home shortly after Christmas. “‘Di ko s’ya ginulo (I did not bother him). He needed time to think,” she said.
Aquino said she almost gave up on her marriage in 2007, when Yap was reported to have had romantic liaisons with Hope Centeno, then a receptionist at the Belo Medical Clinic, which Aquino used to endorse.
Aquino also said she is still hoping to salvage the marriage for the sake of their son Baby James.
Aquino added: “He knows I still love him. In all this time, I never gave him any reason to doubt my fidelity. I just want the same thing in return.”

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