Judy Ann Santos “deeply hurt” by Sen. Jamby Madrigal’s statement that she regrets getting the actress as an endorser

judayJudy Ann Santos initially does not want to comment on the recent statement made by Senator Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal about the use of actors in election campaigns.

The sole lady presidential aspirant in the May 2010 elections was caught saying at a forum held recently that: “The use of actors—you had to pay P30 million to endorse you—is an insult to the Filipino intelligence.”

Sen. Madrigal also expressed her regret of getting a celebrity endorser—referring to Judy Ann—during her senatorial campaign in 2004. The senator said, “I have seen the folly of my ways… I will not repeat it because I do not believe you [must] repeat a mistake. But I also don’t believe you should perpetuate lies that are perpetuated by a big budget.”

Judy Ann was hesitant to react to these statements made by Sen. Madrigal because she did not hear it personally. However, to make things clear, the 31-year-old actress related her feelings about the issue during the media conference of her Lactacyd endorsement yesterday, February 15, at Annabel’s restaurant on Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

“I was hurt. I was deeply hurt,” she admitted. “Honestly, in my opinion, sa sinabi niyang mga words na she regrets getting my services… Of course, hindi naman po ako manhid para hindi masaktan dahil buong  paniniwala ko she got my services because she actually believed in me and it was a sincere offer.”

Judy Ann added, “And I think on my behalf, ang masasabi ko lang po talaga ngayon, ‘Okay, ‘yon ang opinyon niya, e.’ Hindi ko po haharangin or hindi po ako makikipag-away, or hindi ko sasagutin ito nang parang wala akong utang ng loob. Edukada po akong tao.”

Judy Ann also recalled the campaign rallies she attended for the senator. “For whatever it’s worth, siguro naman po, sa bawat probinsiyang pinuntahan namin, may lima o tatlong tao akong nakumbinsing iboto siya. Kung nakatulong man ako o hindi sa kampanya niya, hindi ko naman po aangkinin lahat. Siguro nga, baka hindi.”

The actress also related that it was her talent manager Alfie Lorenzo who talked to Sen. Madrigal’s camp about the endorsement. “Before she campaigned for the senatorial run, I already did an infomercial with her. From there, I thought that it’s okay and magkaibigan naman kami and magkapartido naman sila ni Tatay Ron [the late Fernando Poe, Jr.].”


  1. Eden says:

    Ms Judy Ann Santos seemed to be more professional in uttering words than Sen. Jamby Madrigal who is very ungrateful.

  2. kathy says:

    naalaa ko lang.nakilala naman tlaga si jamby dahil kay judy ann.tingin ko di sya mananalo kung di sya sinoportahan ni juday.oponyon lang po

  3. kathy says:

    naalala ko lang.nakilala naman tlaga si jamby dahil kay judy ann.tingin ko di sya mananalo kung di sya sinoportahan ni juday.oponyon lang po