“Mharlyn Aguilar”, Pokwang’s newest spoof subject.


Pokwang [Marietta Subong in real life] finds another character to potray. After spoofing Annabelle Rama, the feisty Gutierezz matriarch, Irene Kho, mother of disgraced doctor Hayden Kho and Pac Mom, Aling Dionisia Pacquiao. She now impersonates Marlene Aguilar, the mother of the controversial road rage suspect Jason Ivler.

It became a viral hit on Youtube after it was debuted in “NNNN” portion of the gag show, “Banana Split” on ABS-CBN. Viewers applauds how the ‘ace comedian’ portray Marlene Agular on her spot-on mimicry. “Well, I’m happy that viewers appreciate what I do”, Pokwang said when she interviewed and informed her “Mharlyn Aguilar spoof” is now the talk of netizens.

According to Pokwang, its not easy to find someone to spoof nor its easy to portray them convincingly in amusing manner.

“I watch [video] footage. I study their hand gestures… their eye movement. It’s not easy.”

Pokwang insists what she is doing is purely for the entertainment of viewers- nothing more. “I don’t mean it to offend, it’s just work.”


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