Nominees told to prep 2 speeches for Oscar night

oscar_nuove_regoleLOS ANGELES – Organizers of Academy Awards have come up with an idea to avoid boring Oscar acceptance speeches which is always a “thank yous”. The idea: each nominees should prepare 2 speeches for Oscar Night.

Top contenders in Academy awards gathered on Monday for the annual Oscar nominees luncheon party in Beverly Hills, and as a tradition, producers of the show offered tips in giving the 45-second acceptance speeches.

The idea is to avoid a long list of “thank yous” to agents, directors, spouses, friends, and family. Oscar co-producers Bill Mechanic and Adam Shenkman will have the winners give two speeches: one onstage telling audience what winning an Oscar means to them, and the other one backtsage for a “Thank You Cam” speeches where they can say “thank you” to whomever they want.

“Share your passion on what the Oscar means to you” with the audience, Shankman told nominees at the luncheon.

There were no guarantees that the nominees will follow the idea. So to illustrate the idea, the producers shows a videotape of Rene Zellwegger’s telling the audience of what this Oscar award meant to her.

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