What’s ‘pinaka’ about Rovilson?

UntitledMANILA, Philippines – There’s never a dull moment or even a dead air when Rovilson Fernandez starts to speak up. He’s so spontaneous he could probably talk for hours on end without boring his listeners. His funny antics could also give stand-up comedians a run for their money.

And Q-11 just made the right move: Take Rovilson in as the new host of Ang Pinaka after Pia Guanio bid the show goodbye years back.

“That was bittersweet. I like the show and on top of that Pia and I are friends. We worked together in Lakbay TV,” Rovilson shares. “I know she likes the show as well but I guess they’re moving in a new direction,” adds Rovilson who became a household name when he competed in The Amazing Race Asia with Marc Nelson.

But did you know Rovilson never thought he would be hosting a TV show? He was content in his publishing job as executive editor of Maxim. But the chance to do something bigger and more exciting knocked on his door after his stint in the reality show.

“All that I’ve been doing now is a dream come true. I never would have thought I’d be a TV host. All my life, I’ve been practising to be behind the camera and to be in production. Right now I’m having fun with this. It’s a new learning experience.”

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