Bea’s Angel

When a change that’s sweet happens and it begins to open up a world that’s more fun and exciting, we know we are on the right path.

This is the kind of change Angel Canned Milk, the trusted partner in cooking and for creaming beverage and dessert preparations, wants to bring to the table. A brand for the modern woman who enjoys whipping up delicious culinary creations with a twist in her kitchen, it starts up a new and exciting chapter set to kick-off this summer.

Last April 8, at the Felix Restaurant in Makati City, Angel launched one of its sweetest surprises yet as it formally presented before the media its newest “angel,” Bea Alonzo. Taking over another challenging new role as the ambassador for Angel Canned Milk, Bea feels fortunate to have been given the opportunity to represent a brand that encourages her to creatively express herself and explore especially when it comes to cooking which she happens to be most passionate about.

Bea’s interest in cooking began during her childhood. As a young girl, she would always watch her grandmother prepare various delectable dishes for family gatherings. This inspired her to learn the basics of cooking despite her busy schedules growing up. In fact, Bea watches a lot of cooking shows and even checks recipes on-line. She even is a big fan of renowned names in the cooking world such as Rachel Ray and Giada De Laurentiis who she describes as the ultimate creative chefs.

Now that she’s matured into a woman who is independent and open to exploring new ways in the kitchen, she knows the milk brand for her must be one which is a trusted partner; one that allows her to come up with delicious desserts and dishes that are beyond what we have been accustomed to. That for her is Angel.

Angel Canned Milk promotes creativity and innovation, the very reason why it’s perfect for those who like to put a twist to their recipes.

A fresh whole line-up of affordable milk ingredients awaits any woman who like Bea chooses to partner with Angel. There’s Angel Evaporada, the perfect creamy match for our favorite Filipino beverage and desserts.

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