Celebrities Looks Sad in the Election 2010

There are celebrities in the industry who were running for the position in every districts and the result is sometimes they win and sometimes they lose in that position just like Ara MinaAra-Mina-224x300 who were running in a position but she didn’t win in that position and at first she was confident that she would win in that position because of the people that supports her and the best thing is that she has a plan at first at her districts.

In the other hand, joey marquezjoey-marquez who is running in paranaque in the position of being a mayor didn’t win also he said that ” I want to have that position because I have many plans in the city of paranque” That was what he said in the media regarding his plan if he won the election of 2010.

Just like Arnel Ignacio, Edu Manzano and other celebrity starsĀ  who runs but unfortunately didn’t win in the 2010 election but as we said as the windows closes the new windows open..

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