Celebrities given no VIP treatment as they participate to the Historical First Automated Elections

Many famous television personalities have made an effort to vote for their electoral bets enduring lengthy line ups and the searing sunshine just to prove their loyalty and concern for the country and its people. Though it was not expected that these people will not be given any special treatment, several people also were not surprised since it was the first automated elections in the country, and doing such would be a shameful act even for these people’s stature.

Take for example the Gutierrez siblings who has successfully cast their votes despite several obstacles along the way. Most of these actors and actresses were indeed amazed by the swift process employed by the new Automated method. However there were also some who were not satisfied with the current process being used since it took much more time than they anticipated. One of these people were Cesar Montano, who is running for gubernatorial position at Bohol.

On the other hand some like Christian Bautista made sure that everything should be alright since he believes that voting is very important for the Filipino People. One thing is constant however, it is necessary to be a part of the proud Filipino History, and it is through this Elections that we make History.

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