Celebrity of abs-cbn joined the Halalan 2010 election

Celebrity Joined the Halalan 2010 Election

Manila Philippines – Many of our celebrity in the Philippines joined the election for the 2010 and what they did is they answer calls anywhere in the Philippines that were reporting regarding the incidents in different part of the Philippines there are issues like there are vote buying that are being heard in the Bulacan, having a flying voter that uses his brothers name just to vote, and regarding the PCOS machines that are malfunctioning just like trouble in inserting the paper, paper jam, needs to use an umbrella and a ballpen to insert the paper, some reported that there are still brownout in their are just like in laguna, and multiple killings in bacoor cavite, and aside from that is the cancel of election in lanao del sur and one in maguidanao because of certain threats and terrorism.

In the other hand, celebrities continue to give their full support for the election and they give the report and after that is being verified if that incidents were true or not,  But as of now may 11, the counting is still goes on and the leading for being the president is Noynoy Aquino, while in leading in the position of the vice president is Jejomar Binay and followed by Mar Roxas. The counting still goes on,  Who ever my win in that position,the question is, can they still remember what they have promised as soon as they are in their positions? All we can do is give our trust to people who are in that position but still continue to defend what is right.

Check this Video for the Halalan 2010 made by our celebrity patrollers

Star in Halalan 2010

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