Devon and Tricia Organize Clashing Birthday Parties on ‘PBB Teen Clash of 2010′

Big Brother decided to allow the two to have their own parties but here’s the twist – the housemates should choose which party to go to and which party to miss.

Devon, who is the only original Villa housemate aside from Joe and Angelo, planned to have a COSPLAY party—where they will dress up as anime characters.

Tricia, on the other hand, wanted a masquerade party. Tricia initially lived in the Apartment with Patrick, Kazel, Yen, Fretzie, and Ivan, were she already had trouble dealing with her housemates.

The task aims to test the housemates’ friendship and how they will make both celebrants feel special whether they would be attending their parties or not.

Comments from viewers

Tricia is only 15, remember that! you don’t expect a 15 year old to be a matured teen. But i know that she is a strong teenager. All those other housemates that don’t like well in the end Tricia will succeed and the others will just end up chimisso and chismossa which they will end up being NOONE. And the guys like Joe and Patrick. They think they are so mature but if you would look at it, they are the one to talk first about other people so who’s immature now? He is insecure because he talk about others to make himself look good.


it only shows and totoong pagkatao ng mga pilipino…na judgemental nga talaga tayo…hindi naman dahil may problema si tricia eh…it’s becuz sa beginning pa lang may tag na nilagay ang mga pinoy housemates kay tricia…nagsimula to kay shey…kaya kahit anong gawin ni tricia gagawing malaking bagay sa mga pinoy housemates…kasi hindi na nila gusto noon pa…close-minded kasi ng mga pilipino at ang mga lalaki naman, sila joe at patrick, mga lalaking tao pero tsismoso…mga bading nga talaga yato yong dalawa na yon…kong tignan nga natin mas mature pa si tricia sa kanila…at least si tricia pag may problema kino-comfront nya kaagad…eh sila…plastic lahat, they talk behind her back like little girls…hindi nga sila ninominate pero bet ko pag nanominate si joe at patrick ngayon, tanggal kaagad yan…wala namang special sa kanilang dalawa…si joe hindi naman nakakatawa…itim lang…si patrick naman ang payat at may gusto kay fritzie kahit may girlfriend…kawawa naman gf niyo…sana pag labas makipagbreak sa kanya gf niya…lol…wag kayo mag alala sa pagaapi niyo kay tricia, siya and mananalo in the end…lol…peace…losers….big five: tricia, fritzie, ivan, james, anne…

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  1. bethany says:

    i dont like tricia,,