Dr. Belo and Hayden were spotted in the front row of the “Dancing with the Stars” show

Hayden Kho Jr. and Dr. Vicki Belo were spotted — seating together in the studio of the “Dancing with the Stars” dance show in America.

Now, no one would ever believe in Hayden Kho’s statement, that he does not have any idea that Dr. Vicki Belo is following him in the United States. It is in fact undeniable that both of them went to see or meet each other in Los Angeles because there are pictures taken for proof.¬†They are even seated in the VIP front row, right next to the show host, Tom Bergeron.

Dancing with th Stars is very popular to all television viewers around the world and this is the main reason why Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho were easily spotted by many. Knowing Dr. Belo, she would not really deny anything if they really planned the event of watching. Many speculations say that maybe that is one of Hayden’s wishes for his birthday as he just turned thirty (30) years old today.

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