They’re both righters of wrongs, fighters of evil, and basically do-gooders, but the debut of Russell Crowe’s period outlaw “Robin Hood” couldn’t take down Robert Downey Jr.’s costumed superhero “Iron Man 2″ at the box office, according to studio estimate. Actually, Robin Hood didn’t even come close, despite “Iron Man 2″ being in its second week. The Marvel superhero sequel easily outdistanced itself from Crowe and Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood”, which opened in second place over the weekend with $37 million, falling well short of “Iron Man 2’s” $53 million second-week take.
A re-teaming of Crowe and Scott, “Robin Hood” has been marketed as a return to “Gladiator” glory for the duo, but American moviegoers apparently weren’t convinced. Made for a mega Hollywood budget of $200 million, the film did much better overseas, taking in $74 million for a worldwide total of $111 million, which bodes well for the film’s overall box office returns in the long run. “Iron Man 2″, meanwhile, has grossed $428 million worldwide, well on its way to surpassing the original’s $585 total.
Besides “Robin Hood”, there were two new openings, both romantic dramas
“Letters to Juliet” and “Just Wright”. The Amanda Seyfried movie came in third with $13 million, besting Queen Latifah’s basketball romance, which came in fourth place with $8.5 million.
1 —-Iron Man 2 —-$53,000,000—-$212,160,000
2 —-Robin Hood —- $37,114,000 —-$37,114,000
3 —-Letters to Juliet —- $13,750,000 —-$13,750,000
4 —-Just Wright —-$8,500,000 —- $8,500,000
5 —-How to Train Your Dragon —-$5,120,000 —-$207,764,000
6 —-A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) —-$4,700,000 —-$56,109,000
7 —-Date Night —-$4,000,000 —-$86,699,000
8 —-The Back-Up Plan —-$2,465,000 —-$34,202,000
9 —-Furry Vengeance —- $2,300,000 —-$15,147,000
10 —-Clash of the Titans (2010) —-$1,255,000 —- $160,151,000

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