Will Kris be True to Her Words?

Noynoy and Kris

Noynoy and Kris

MANILA, Philippines – In one of the articles by “Nanay Lolit” Solis, it was stated that Kris Aquino had once said that if her brother Noynoy wins the Presidency elections this May 2010, she will be leaving the country with her two sons for good.

Now that the partial poll results has already been out and of course, the leading counts of votes are still in very big favor of Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Simeon Aquino III, the question is — will Ms. Kris be true to her word?

Kris is indeed a very popular icon in the Philippine show business. She has been rated as one of the top talk show hosts of the country and even labelled asĀ  the “Queen of Talk,” and therefore, every things that’s happening around her have this great effect on the mind of the public.

Everyone knows the very close bonding between Noynoy and nephew, Josh, who is Kris’ son. She even once told on national TV that Noynoy is very attached to Josh, most especially during their loss of the late Corazon Aquino.

Now that the president’s office is waiting for Noynoy, he may of course have limited time for his family. He first has to deal with the nation and its citizens. Now this is where the question for Kris comes in. Will she really be true to her word?

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