Lady Gaga Tops in Youtube in all Time

As Youtube commemorates its 5 anniversary in the website looking at the logo of the youtube. they recall yesterday the most viewed in the youtube and it is Lady Gagalady-gaga-4289-3jpg

With a call to “share your YouTube story with the world,” users would get the opportunity to have their videos appear on the commemorative channel. The site asked, “What is your YouTube story?” and perhaps as a testament to the millions of users trying to upload, the channel took a little longer to load.

The new channel contains a timeline from 2005 to the present, highlighting some of the video uploads. As of this writing, however, the channel only has one page of uploaded “YouTube story” videos, and a global map that spans the world from U.S. to Japan, where the submissions come from.

But given that, it is undeniable that YouTube remains one of the world’s most popular websites, third only to Google and Yahoo (source: updated on May 17, 2010).

To celebrate YouTube’s only five years of existence (truly, it feels so much more!), we looked up the most watched videos on the popular video sharing site and these are the all-time numbers so far.

The most watched clip is Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video. Uploaded in November 2009 on the LadyGagaVEVO channel, it has a total view of 206,495,186 views to date.

Good Job Youtube Still the best in viewing!

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