Lebron leaving Cleveland Cavaliers?

Conspiracy theorists can close their pie-holes now that the “inevitable” Lakers/Cavaliers Finals is officially not happening, but that doesn’t mean the drama ends with Saturday night’s Cleveland loss in Orlando. The next big questions is what this means for LeBron James and his future in the state of Ohio.
After the loss James chose to avoid the media completely, dipping the podium and leaving Mo Williams to answer the messy season-ending questions. He was, to put it lightly, pretty angry.
And why shouldn’t he have been considering a previous Cavs team of his made the Finals with a group of guys considerably less talented than this year’s group? It wasn’t necessarily that this team took the Magic lightly and that’s why they lost; there just wasn’t any answer for Dwight Howard’s inside play and what that did for the team’s deadly three-point shooters.
So does this upset James enough to start seriously considering greener pastures? Entirely too many people have him pegged for New York, but half the league is gearing up for cap space in 2010 for a shot at The King. The Knicks won’t give him much opportunity to win a championship, but other teams potentially could. He’ll have his pick of the litter.
In other words, Cleveland better come back strong in 2009-10, because without a championship James could lose patience, no matter how much he loves Cleveland. I’ve been adamant all season that there was no way James would leave, but that was under the assumption that the Cavs would at least represent the East in the Finals. If they fall short again, who knows what could happen.
Well, unless they sign Yao Ming down the road. But that’s a whole other story.

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