LUCY TORRES-GOMEZ: Proclaimed WINNER in the 4th District of Leyte Congressional Race

Actress and TV host Lucy Torres-Gomez is now an official public servant in the country, particularly in the province of Leyte.

Lucy, the wife of actor Richard Gomez or popularly known as “Goma”, was finally proclaimed as the Representative of the fourth district of Leyte at 10:42 a.m. yesterday, 12th of May 2010. The proclamation was held at the Tacloban Canvassing Hall, and Richard, who accompanied Lucy during the proclamation rites.

Richard is actually the one who was supposed to run for the congressional race in the fourth district of Leyte but unfortunately, the actor was disqualified by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) because of his failure to establish his official residency in Ormoc, Leyte. This is because according to the law,all individuals who are running for public office at any local government level must have at least one year of residency in the city or province that they choose to represent.

However, despite the slight failure, Richard endorsed the candidacy of Lucy Torres as his replacement before the COMELEC issued its final decision on the his disqualification case. Lucy then accepted the challenge and now rewarded with a surprising victory.


  1. edward says:

    congratzz lucy n goma!!!! we are so proud for both of u..keep up the good work…God bless!!

  2. jun-jun says:

    Hon.lucy torres gomez, we want you to know that all resident in 4th district of leyte are ready to support you..we love you!!! you are the answer of our prayers..

  3. rhanie tabudlong says:

    I live in can-adieng near from your village. my family long before is avid voter of codilla. But they chose you to vote becoz of the calling, hnd nga lang ako nakaboto kac nasa KSA ako ngayun, pasensiya na .

    nut please allow me to congatulate you miss lucy for representing the 4th district of Leyte. I noticed this time that most of the winning candidates of the entire country are from showbusiness. But until now, i cant believed that a sacred woman like you as di makabasag pinggan ika nga ay sinisubo ang sarili sa d makaahon na sistema ng pulitika and i cant imagine that sum1 lyk lucy torres really exist in politics. what made you realized naman??

    I hope mam this will not be an alternative option from the failure of your husband in his candidacy but to serve as exist from GOD called you to take. I know this is GOD’s plan for you ms lucy, that is why be aware. I hope you will not allow the expectations of your family and circle of expectative friends of yours to control your calling ms lucy, you know the work of enemies especially a faithful woman lyk u. (but u know sumtyms beauty can kill a beast/enemy)

    Work as what you believe, extend your hands as what the holy spirit convictions and serve as what GOD’s plan for you.

    You have our support and BE NICE NAMAN HA!!!!! SANA MAKAAHON NA TAYO

    GOOD LUCK, TAKE CARE and GOD BLESS you always…