Philippines First Automated Election

May 10,2010, crowds flocked to their respective precints Monday as the Philippines held its first national election using electronic voting machines also known as the PCOS Machines. The voting started 7am and expected to close the bid by 6pm but the Lines were long and the polls extended the voting time by an hour in order to accommodate everyone. Ever since, election in the Philippines was partnered by violence and election fraud. That’s not new to hear but compare to previews elections, this 2010 election was the most less violent and can be considered as the most peaceful  when compare to the previews one.

The first automated election in the Philippines did went well though there were some related problems when it comes to the use of the machines. Some of the crowds liked the new system of voting and some were disappointed maybe because of the long hours of waiting. But disappointed or not, still we are glad that the first automated election somewhat did went well.

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