Pokwang: Showing her true colors

Comedienne and TV Host, Pokwang had her well deserved rest for quite a while channeling her short termed schedule vacancy towards campaigning for Liberal Party standard bearers, presidentiable Noynoy Aquino III and vice-presidentiable Manuel Roxas III.

Several media personnel were able to interview her and make inquiries concerning her campaign experience although she works hand and hand in Wowowee with Willie Revillame who is in fact an endorser of Sen. Manny Villar. Pokwang only instigated the fact that she obviously knows whose political side she’s siding on and began on sharing her respect and love for the Aquino family especially Ms. Kris, who has been very supportive to her from the very dawn of her career. She is only returning the favor, she said.

On her part, she thinks Willie won’t take it badly if she supports Noynoy since he respects the insights and opinion of every Wowowee personnel and she does the same for him. Changing the topic, she was asked what was the reason for Willie’s absence for the show but she only insisted that she does not speak about it in detail.


One comment

  1. Melodia Palm says:

    Pokwang’s respect and gratitude for the Aquino’s is so big that campaining for Noynoy is the best way for her to return the respect and support that she got from Ms.Kris Aquino-Yap.
    As a pinoy ,I’m so proud of both Kris and Pokwang and all my prayers and wishes go for the success of the filippinos thru Noynoy’s victory this coming election. Love you .Poks and Kris!!