Ara, Cristine Reyes conned by US promoter?

MANILA, Philippines – Showbiz sisters Ara Mina and Cristine Reyes are fuming mad after failing to receive payment for a series of concerts in the United States.

On her Twitter page, Cristine said that producers of their US show “Sisters Act” did not pay them despite doing 4 shows in Los Angeles, Nevada and Chicago. She said she and her sister did not continue with another scheduled performance in Las Vegas after the producer failed to pay them.

“Nobody should ever feel embarrassed if they’ve been victimized by a con artist. Why? Because after all the hard work… we are not paid. I want to cry!” she said in her June 7 tweet.

Reyes named their producer as a certain Ms. Alegria Natividad.

“Yes, we have a contract but hindi yon nasunod kasi masyado kaming mabait kaya nag-perform pa rin kami kahit walang bayad…It’s not fair, ms. alegria natividad didn’t [give] our money, so in Vegas kapag wala pa rin di na kami magpe-perform,” she said.

On her Twitter page, Reyes thanked fellow Filipinos who took them out for a treat and even paid their hotel bills.

“No pay no show.. di pa kami bayad ni Alegria Natividad sa ibang shows namin dito sa States. How nice di ba? No food rin. Kanya-kanya kami. Good thing may mababait na Pinoy nag-treat sa amin, mabuhay kayo!” Reyes said.

But, in a text message sent to Showbiz News Ngayon, Ara cleared the name of the show’s producer stressing that it was their promoter, a certain Guia, who failed to pay them.

“Just want to clear also na bayad lahat ng producers sa promoter namin na si Guia. Si Guia ang di nakabayad sa amin,” Ara said.

Ara said all of their shows in the US were successful. She is set to fly back in Manila this Friday. (Read more on ABS-CBN News and Yahoo! Entertainment News)

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