Big Brother angered by PBB teen housemates’ kiss

“Pinoy Big Brother”’s Kuya blew his top when PBB Teen Clash 2010 housemates Ivan Dorschner and Ann Li locked lips in one episode of the top rating ABS-CBN reality show.

“Housemates, lahat kayo, pumasok kayo sa confession room. Everybody, now!” Kuya angrily roared at everyone who was involved in the said game.

Ivan and Ann kissed each other on the lips on a dare while playing a spin-the-bottle game. The two did so in full sight of fellow housemates.

The kiss was reportedly instigated by teen housemate Joe Vargas. Originally, the plan was for the two (Ivan and Ann) to kiss with a tissue placed on their lips. But the two went on to kiss without the tissue.

The controversial kiss between Ivan and Ann has made the rounds in YouTube and Facebook.

The young housemates were cheering as Ivan and Ann were about to kiss. One even wailed, “Dapat mag-mouthwash ka, mapapalaban ka!”

Apparently, Ivan and Ann’s kiss took a take two. On the video, a fellow housemate was overheard saying “center” while motioning to Ivan with his lips. Then, Ivan and Ann kissed again.

While the teasing and taunting was going on, a female housemate was heard saying “Patay tayo kay Kuya.”

True enough, Kuya shouted at them and instructed them all to enter the confession room.

Reportedly, a lot of PBB viewers on live streams were surprised by the said kiss between the two housemates.

In all likelihood, the episode will not be aired on television as it will attract sanction by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), which has strict rules when it comes to matters concerning teens.

ABS-CBN is also reportedly not making a big fuss out of it so as not to attract public attention.

In other reports, two other housemates Tricia and James are also said to have kissed but theirs was not captured on video.

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