Is John Lloyd Scared of Yilmaz?

Popular actor John Lloyd Cruz is frustrated with sustained speculations associating him with divorced actress Ruffa Gutierrez. This, Cruz hinted, is mainly due to his apprehension that the persistence of such “baseless” supposition could only lead to “bad” things. “I hope [rumor mongers] realize that they should stop [spreading the rumors] already as it might already be affecting a certain family’s [situation] or that there are people who might hear of the rumor and think of it in another way,” said he, adding somewhat ominously, “Maybe something may happen in the future or God knows when, that is not good or pleasant,” he explained in a mix of Filipino and English during a recent TV interview. Cruz’s statement seemingly echoes what Gutierrez’s had implied in past interviews concerning his estranged husband Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas’ attitude towards rumors hounding her. According to Gutierrez, Bektas is still very much aware of her activities and would call her to jealously nag her about various rumors involving her. Per Gutierrez, Bektas is still insisting that they get back together. Like Cruz, Gutierrez is insisting that she is “just friends” with the former. Gutierrez and Cruz became associated when they did the hit series “I Love Betty La Fea.” According to Cruz, he and Gutierrez are still friends and that they are still communicating. “But it’s not that active anymore…we’re both associated with different [TV] stations. She’s doing a lot of things that she needs to focus on, just like me.” Cruz insisted that recent rumors of him and Gutierrez being seen “biking around together” at The Fort is a “lie.” “It’s not true. There’s not a percentage of truth to it.” Asked if rumored sweetheart Shaina Magdayao is affected by continued rumors linking him to Gutierrez, Cruz just smiled. “No. She doesn’t even question me,” said he.

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