Sarah Geronimo afraid of making a third film with John Lloyd Cruz


Acting as a sister figure, Judy Ann Santos recently provided love advice for singer-actress Sarah Geronimo.

This selfless act somewhat mirrors Juday’s role in the upcoming Wenn Deramas film, Hating Kapatid, where Juday portrays the stern older sister of Sarah while their parents work abroad. Juday generously offered her advice last night, during the press conference of the said film.

The gist of what Sarah has absorbed goes along the lines of not rushing your love life, that it will come naturally, so she should avoid forcing romance upon herself.

The young singer’s closeness with Juday seems apparent enough, but when asked if she confides the same way to her mother, Divine, she replied that, as a mother, her intuition is enough to recognize the difficulties of a young woman. Sarah’s difficulties, in this case.

Rayver Cruz, who was once romantically involved with Sarah, admitted that he has been going on friendly group dates with Christine Reyes. Sarah was asked if she was aware of this. She responded with a yes, and said that there were no issues regarding the matter.

She was asked if she regrets that the relationship with Rayver didn’t work out. She paused, and merely said that as of this moment, work, studies and family come first. Standard showbiz bullet dodging, Sarah.

Sarah was then asked if her communication routes with Rayver were still open. She dodged the question more badly this time.

Next we go to Sarah’s musical-serye with  Sam Milby. After finishing her recent project, Hating Kapatid, Sarah proceeded to work on a musical drama series with the effeminate Sam Milby. She mentioned that at this point, she has only gone on one taping day, as she’s busy touring the U.S. and Canada. Sarah elaborated that she has already done a scene with Sam, and added that thanks to Sam’s good looks, working with him is more enjoyable.

The next question she received cannot be more predictable: Is it possible that you will be linked to Sam in the future? Sarah answered that fleeting butterflies in your stomach are inevitable, and they don’t necessarily mean that a deep connection will be established. Again, standard showbiz answers. I wonder how many times this had been said during the course of local show business.

Filipino-Italian actor Matteo Guidicelli has previously disclosed that he possesses an admiration for Sarah. Sarah considers working with him on stage.

And finally, issues with John Lloyd Cruz.

Sarah was last year deemed as the Box-Office Queen for A Very Special Love, in which Sarah and John Lloyd played the role of lowly office employee and a hard-headed, short-tempered boss, respectively.

Last June 22, Sarah once again reigned as the Box-Office Queen for the sequel of the romantic comedy You Changed My Life. Sarah was unable to receive the trophy herself due to her tour. Her leading man John Lloyd, however, was able to happily accept his award from Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

In the same event, John Lloyd revealed the third installment of his movie with Sarah, which will be directed by the same director, Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Despite this, Sarah mentioned that plans for the film were not final. She admitted that she was afraid to follow up the success of the previous two films. She wanted to just leave it at that.

Sarah was asked how she feels about John Lloyd admitting his relationship with Shaina Magdayao. She said she was glad because John Lloyd seems proud of his relationship with Shaina.

Sarah stated that when she finally gets herself a boyfriend, she will, of course, also reveal it publicly.

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