Philippine Gloomy Halloween 2010: Things to do this weekend

I’m thinking what to do this weekend. Something creepy. Something scary. Something gloomy.

Aaron Yan in Gloomy Salad Days

Besides of scanning my personal laptop to check if it has viruses, I watch Taiwanese series “Gloomy Salad Days” via site. I don’t understand Mandarin, so this site has English subtitles on the uploaded video. Translators of that site type English phrases online so that international viewers will understand. The series airs 2 episodes back to back every week. Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan is one of the main casts. It’s not because of Aaron that I’m watching this series, but the plot itself. I’m already at 7th episode part 2. I will watch its entire 7th episode tomorrow before I scan my laptop. I must first update my ant-virus program before scanning.

I have also a series of Philippine Ghost Stories. It is a book containing Filipino creepy and scary stories based from the people’s experiences. My favorite ghost story is the Bloody Mary. It was located at girls’ comfort room, education building, UST Manila. Reading that book

Watching suspense movies is also an option. Well, I’m not fond of watching movies. But the best Philippine horror film is “Shake, Rattle & Roll” sequels. “The Ring” is the best international suspense movie featuring the famous “Sadako”. Maybe I should watch that again.

Kids go house-to-house, wearing creepy and fantasy, costumes and say “Treat or Trick!” Families give chocolates and candies to these kids. Well, I missed my childhood days which during Halloween I was with my neighbor friends, wearing a fairy costume, received a bunch of candies, and say “Treat or Trick!”

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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