Showtime: A year full of unforgettable moments

It’s been a year when Showtime was aired in ABS-CBN. I just started watching it since October 26. It was Monday. At first, the show is so entertaining and funny because of Vice Ganda’s punchlines. Singer/actress Karylle posted a Yahoo! blog about the top 10 Showtime moments with the help of her followers. It’s my time to post what’s my top 10 unforgettable moments why I enjoyed watching Showtime.

1. Vice Ganda’s “May Nagtext”

I always laugh when Vice Ganda often gives punchlines as a unevictable hurado. His famous line “May Nagtext” makes me enjoy watching the show. That phrase was followed by Gladys Reyes when she became a hurado and made her own a lot of versions like “May nagtweet“, “May nagplurk”, etc.

2. Vice Ganda vs. Gladys Reyes

These two hurados were always doing the “Agua Bendita” impromptu script — Vice Ganda as Agua and Gladys Reyes as Bendita. It was turned funny by again throwing punchlines with each other.

3. Jhong Hilario’s daily dance moves

Jhong Hilario, a member of the dancegroup Streetboys, always showcases his dance moves and stunts. Before he comments on the first contestant, he will first give a sample performance (and even statement t-shirts) for Showtime’s madlang pipol.

4. Showtime’s 1st Grand Finals

The wildcard group XB GenSan won the first Showtime grand finals. They’re deserving to be a Showtime champion.

5. Vice Ganda started his “Party party

I saw Vice Ganda’s tweets with these words: “PARTY PARTY”. I never though that he started it on the show. I watched Showtime when I don’t have classes and indeed that “Party party” was also fun and make me so hyper!

6. Ryan Bang’s funny comments

Ryan Bang, 2nd Teen Big placer from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash, is the funniest hurado I’d ever seen. Even though his Filipino is not so good, he makes me laugh because of what he said everytime. He’s my most favorite hurado and, of course, his unique dance moves is so funny!

7. Showtime’s MTCRB suspension

I was so sad when MTRCB suspended Showtime because of Rosanna Roces’s comments regarding teachers. But the alternative show called “Magpasikat” premiered. The concept of “Magpasikat” is the same as Showtime, but its contestants are celebrities. I also enjoyed this show for quite short airing span of time.

8. International artists visit Showtime and showcase their talents

Few international artists visit the show and showcase their talents like Katy Perry. I hope more international artists especially Asian artists will also perform on the show.

9. Anne’s opening shoutout: “Madlang pipol! I wanna hear your beautiful voice”

I always love her opening shoutout to madlang pipol. She dances and says the show’s name at the end, then madlang pipol follows her.

10.  Vice Ganda’s accidental and inspiring performances

I will never forget Vice Ganda’s performances. First he showcased his talent but accidentally when he was performing, he hit his head on the floor. Another performance was on his birthday that he dedicated his performance to his mother. I was so touched and cried at the same time.

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