Studio 23 will relive and again air Fahrenheit dramas next year

Studio 23 is known for re-airing and premiering local, Asian, and American programs. It is the sister network of ABS-CBN.

The network relived the Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit by re-airing the drama Romantic Princess (Gong Zhu Xiao Mei) and premiering the action drama KO One (Zhong Ji Yi Ban) this year. Fahrenheit is made up of handsome guys namely Jiro Wang, Wu Chun, Aaron Yan, and Calvin Chen. They celebrated their fifth year as a group in Taiwanese entertainment industry this year. Each continues to grow as individual actors and hosts from different Taiwanese shows.

ABS-CBN introduced Fahrenheit last March 2008 when they aired Hana Kimi. Wu Chun and Jiro Wang starred in the said drama as Brian and Wesley respectively with Ella Chen of the Taiwanese girl group SHE as Joey/Joelle. The drama was followed by another Taiwanese drama Romantic Princess, which both Wu Chun and Calvin Chen visited Philippines last July 2008 to do promotional tours of their drama.

The Taiwanese boyband just released their latest album called “Super Hot”. It shows a sexier and more mature Fahrenheit. It has 10 tracks including their recent songs “Super Hot”, “Cherish Your Heartaches”, “Sexy Girl”, and “Guardian Star”. Fahrenheit will release gaiban (aka CD+DVD) version with 2011 calendar.

So, what’s up with them?

Jiro Wang started hosting a variety show in Taiwan called “Super King” with former 5566 members Tony Sun and Zax Wang. He took a rest for a while in doing Taiwan idol dramas to focus on hosting. Momo Love (Tao Hua Xiao Mei) was his latest drama.

Wu Chun continues his acting career in television with his latest dramas. He is shooting new drama called “Absolute Boyfriend” with Korean actress Goo Hye Sun. Prior to this drama, he finished shooting “Sunshine Angel” with Rainie Yang which will be aired next year in Taiwan television.

A different Aaron Yan will be seen in his latest drama “Gloomy Salad Days”. He revealed that he will be having a bed scene with his leading lady in the drama, Serena Fang.

Calvin Chen’s dream being a host already came true. He is currently hosting MTV Japan and Korea Music Craze (MTV Ri Han Yin Yue Feng). He will also be seen in his latest drama “Love Buffet” with Aaron Yan soon.

The X-Family premieres soon on Studio 23

After Studio 23 finished airing KO One, a lot of fans were demanding to air the drama’s sequel called “The X-Family”. The program manager of the network confirmed that they will air it soon. I was so happy and yet put it on my Facebook wall status. This is a good news not only for Taiwanese drama addicts but also for Fahrenheit fans as well. Even though I already watched the series online, I will surely watch it on Studio 23. Other Taiwanese dramas will also air in the said network, including Hana Kimi and Hot Shot.

Fahrenheit fans continue posting their petitions in ABS-CBN Facebook fan page to air other dramas of Fahrenheit. Still, ABS-CBN keeps reading these petitions and trying their best to get the rights to air these dramas. I know it’s a long process, from the production to channel where the drama was aired and license to air, but at least ABS-CBN took effort to give their avid viewers best  and latest Taiwanese dramas.

While fans are waiting, ABS-CBN currently airs the Taiwanese drama “Down With Love” starring Meteor Garden’s Jerry Yan and Hana Kimi’s Ella Chen. They will also air former F4 member Van Ness Wu’s “Autumn’s Concerto”. ABS-CBN is indeed the first and true home of Asianovelas.

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