Barbie as Nita Negrita

During  Nita Negrita’s Press-con, an afternoon tv show on GMA 7, Barbie Forteza surprised the media when she showed up in-character with a dark shade skin color. They have to give emphasis to her skin color to look like  she’s an African-American descent. The young star said that it take one and a half hour to put on her make up and she takes a bath 2 times to fully remove the traces.

She said at first that she became a little shy when everyone stares at her and get amused by her appearance. at the same time it’s a new feeling being different from other individuals. So far it is her second leading role after “Pilyang Kirubin”, and her most dramatic and biggest break.

Barbie’s first afternoon show where she will play as Antonette or Nita Negrita who was raised in an orphanage after being separated from her mother at an early age. Having been born to a Filipina mother and an Afro-American father, the kind-hearted Nita is often taunted because of her complexion. The series will see Nita Negrita facing her struggles and overcoming obstacles that surround her.

Barbie said that she could say that it is challenging role and she wants to do role like this even before.

She is paired with Joshua Domingo who plays Prince in the series. Lexi Fernandez is her nemesis.

Barbie also admits that she is nervous and pressured about audience’s high expectations of her. Barbie knows fellow Tween star Louise delos Reyes got the the viewers’ nod in her first starrer, Alakdana, which has started airing two weeks ago, also in the afternoon block.

Meanwhile, Barbie dispels rumors that she and Joshua are already having attitude problems.  Like Barbie, Joshua belies accusations against them. Also with the rumor that involves her mom and joshua on the issue of kristoff’s removal on Tween Hearts
With or without intrigues, Barbie says she’s ready to face them from the time she entered show business. “Siguro hangga’t hindi ako nawawala sa showbiz puro intriga nalang. But as long as there are people who support and believe in me, I’ll be okay. And I’m still young to take them (intrigues) seriously.”

With or without intrigues, Barbie said she’s ready to face them from the time she entered show business. But as long as there are people who support and believe in her, she’ll be okay. She’s  still young to take them (intrigues) seriously.

Nita Negrita, directed by Gil Tejada, also stars Nova Villa, Lotlot de Leon, Zoren Legaspi, Lollie Mara, Diana Zubiri, Bubbles Paraiso and Rachelle Ann Go. It will premiere today on GMA 7’s Dramarama sa Hapon after Alakdana.


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    This is so not whats up. I have mixed Filipina & African American family members and they look nothing like that. Its rather offensive to see this display of what they think is black. Sad.