Boy Abunda received post-valentine gifts from his “inaanak” Charice.

Last Wednesday right before the airing of Boy Abunda’s show “Showbiz News Ngayon” together with her co-host Bianca Gonzales, the TV host/manager received a post-valentine gift from his godchild  international singing sensation Charice. He received a talking bear, chocolates and big Valentine’scard.

Abunda even opened the card and showed it to Bianca. He also asked his co-host “isang katibayan, ‘ninong Boy.’ Ibig sabihin ninong, ninang niya si Oprah (Winfrey), so mag-ano kami ni Oprah?” Bianca immediately replied, “Kumareng Oprah”.

But kidding aside he said that he is really happy and proud of Charice’s success. He also added, it’s a nice feeling that we’re a part of Charice’s journey. Her success is also ours, we are all together and we are proud of her.

Boy also said that Charice’s godmother Kris Aquino also received a post-valentine gift from her.

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