Queen of all Media Kris Aquino wished freedom from her marriage for her birthday.

Freedom from her marriage, that’s what Queen of all Media wished for for her day and also for valentine’s day.

Kris Aquino celebrated her birthday days before the exact date according to her recent tweets.  She went to the Camiling, Tarlac for her medical mission and gift giving activities last Saturday.  Saturday was spent with close friends and family; a private gathering where guests heard mass and prayed with her. Sunday is for her.   She spent Sunday with her sons Joshua, Bimby and estranged husband James Yap. Kris revealed that James gave her a “lovely bracelet and a heartwarming card.”

Meanwhile she appealed to the the public ,In a taped interview with SNN, to spare her and her guests from all the intrigues before showing at SNN her interview if they saw who were her guests during her birthday celebration last Sunday.

The celebrant said that whoever people saw praying with her family just simply wants to pray with her family, she asked people  to spare  her guests from any intrigue and do to put any meaning on those people’s intention because the are all her friends. Kris was probably referring to Makati Mayor Jun Jun Binay who was romantically linked to her but they just remained as  good friends. The said mayor was spotted on Kris’ celebration.
Kris also mentioned in one of her tweet another personality who is being linked to her lately: ABS-CBN news anchor Ted Failon. According to the tweet Failon gave her a birthday card with an “eloquent” message about life beginning at 40.

But inspite of all the rumored romantic relationships, Kris maintains that she is still building up friendships and nothing more.  She is still legally married to the James Yap but their annulment case is still pending. In this regard, Kris said her ultimate birthday wish is to have freedom from her marriage.
“I want freedom. Yun lang. Gusto ko na legally matapos na lahat para maging malaya na kami ni James. Pareho na kaming makahanap ng kaligayahan namin na hindi namin naibigay sa isa’t-isa,” the actress-TV host said on “SNN.”

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