Chokoleit’s Learning Experience in Dubai

Chokoleit in Dubai

Jonathan Garcia or known as the famous Filipino stand-up comedian Chokoleit was in the headline last Sunday on an April 10 issue of “7days” Dubai-Based newspaper with the headline “Decency rule is no joke”.

According to PEP Philippines Chokoleit was crossing the street from the hotel where he checked in when the policeman noticed what he’s wearing and stopped him and brought him to the precinct.  He’s comfortably wearing a pair of denim shorts.  Dubai although known to be a progressive and open city, unlike the other countries is still conservative and still sticks to their policies according to Muslim traditions.

The incident where Chokoleit was involved serves as a warning other tourists. “My advice to visitors to the UAE is that ignorance of the law is no excuse for anyone.” he said.

Although know as a comedian, he said his choice of denim shorts was no laughing matter when he was stopped by officers in Bur Dubai. After 5 hours of questioning he was released and even though he missed his flight, fortunately he left without any case filed against him.

Because of incident embassies from different countries rereleased advisories for “do’s and don’ts” and Even the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Department (DTCM), together with UAE (United Arab Emirates) malls released too to serve as warning for the tourists in Dubai.

Closer look

Philippines Consul General of Dubai, Benito Valeriano, said visitors must make sure they do not cross the cultural line. He told 7DAYS: “I always tell people to obey the laws and the regulations in this coun¬try and to be conscious of the cultural differences so that these kinds of incidents don’t happen. There is eno¬ugh information available for people to know what the laws are here and if they are conscious of them when they visit, these kinds of misunderstandings that cause inconvenience for both the individual and the police would not happen.”

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