Cristine Reyes plans to settle down at the age of 30!

Cristine Reyes

Entertainment press people asked the sexy star Cristine Reyes during her press conference for her new movie Tumbok with Carlo Aquino if she sees herself marrying her current boyfriend Rayver Cruz, she replied “I hope so.”

Cristine answered it whole-heatedly and with ease. She also said that she plans to settle down at the age of 30 and hoping by that time it is still her and Rayver. She explained that whenever she’s in a relationship, she thinks that he is the one she’ll be marrying. Also, her mom likes Rayver very much.

She also clarify the rumor that she and Rayver are planning to get married soon. It is definitely not true. “Maybe the rumor started because people find us very happy with each other”, she said.

Now she’s friends with her former foe Sarah Geronimo. It has been a month since the two actresses waved the white flag as Sarah initiates to talk to Cristine first.

Even though Cristine avoids to discuss how her relationship with Sarah now, she reassured that they’re very okay. “We became closer than before”, she added. Like the Pop Star Princess, she wanted their friendship to be in private.

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