Dante Nico Garcia confirmed that Beth Tamayo is alive

Beth Tamayo

Beth Tamayo

Actress Beth Tamayo was recently rumored one of the three drug couriers recently executed in China. But director Garcia whom the actress work with in the 2008 film “Ploning” denied it and even said in an interview in “The Buzz” last Sunday April 10 2011 that the actress is still very much alive and had been communicating with him via Blackberry messenger (BBM) for the last months.

He even added that the actress just laughed at the issue and said she’s never been to China. She just thanked those who cared about her so much. According to Garcia Tamayo is in US, just having the time of her life. She has a corporate job somewhere.  And she’s really enjoying her life now.

Rumors of Tamayo’s death exploded last week after several wags insinuated that she and executed drug courier Elizabeth Batain were the same person.

Even though Batain’s face was never shown in the media, not even before or after her execution, March 30 TV host Kris Aquino who visited the Elizabeth Batain’s wake said she have seen her remains. She also refuted the rumors of Tamayo’s death.

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