David Foster supports the idea of Charice and Sarah Geronimo collaboration


David Foster (top) Charice (bottom left)Sarah Geronimo(bottom right)

The famous singer-composer David Foster, Charice’s mentor, was interviewed by ABS-CBN’s North America Bureau on the launching of Vicki Belo‘s first clinic in the US.

The renowned singer supports the idea of collaborating Charice and Sarah Geronimo in a project together and was quited saying:
“I love Sarah. Sarah’s amazing and I think the two of them would be great together. I was in the Philippines and I wanted Sarah to come sing with me but she wasn’t available and I’d love to meet her someday.”

The Grammy-winner songwriter hasn’t meet Sarah yet but is willingly open in working with her someday.

When he was asked about Charice, David is confident that her career will continue to rise in the future: “She’s working with some young producers, and I’m monitoring from the 30,000-foot level. She’s 18 now, she’s got her own voice, she’s got her own mind, and she’s going to do great.”

In a previous interview with Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo, she said that she is also hoping for the collaboration to happen.

“Yun naman po ay nasa planning stage pa lang. I’m hoping na matuloy talaga. Kasi siyempre, international pop sensation kasi si Charice and it will be an honor to have a collaboration with her,” says Sarah.

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