James Yap and Marie Digby on their alleged relationship

James Yap and Marie Digby

James Yap and Marie Digby

The PBA basketball star James Yap and Youtube sensation Marie Digby finally clarified their alleged romantic relationship.

During James’ exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News yesterday, he admitted that he and Marie are indeed communicating with each other.

Bakit, masama bang makipagkaibigan?” James said.

Marie also confirmed the issue in a separate interview but she explained that they never really dated before.

We communicate on Facebook and we have also run into each other a few times since I arrived in the Philippines. No dates,” she said.

The two are still in the getting-to-know-each-other stage, but Marie is open to the possibility for them since she is not in a relationship now.

What I have been able to gather so far is he is a very, very kind and a nice person. For me, in my life, I have made a decision not to base whether or not I like someone on rumors or gossips. One of my biggest dreams is to be a mother, to be a wife so I’m trying to keep my eyes open now,” she stated.

On the other side, James denied the rumor that he is courting the actress-model Isabel Oli and Marie Digby at the same time saying, “Hindi naman naging kami (Isabel).”

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