Four members of the Philippine Azkals are being accused of rape. What started as blind items in several blogs and forums is nowbeing denied by the Azkals. According to the rumor, four members of the Azkals are involved in the incident which happened in the house of team manager Dan Palami. The alleged four members are Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario, Simon Greatwich and Jason Sabio.

However, the accuser in this case is not the victim but a certain Paul Weiler. Details about him are yet to emerge but he has allegedly accused the four Azkals players of the wrongdoing.

The four Azkals – Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario, Simon Greatwich and Jason Sabio – have all denied the accusation. Still, the management is conducting an investigation on the incident. Anton del Rosario confirmed this. “We’re all trying to figure out where (the rumor) came from,” he said.

“I’ve heard a lot of rumors and speculations, that this person (Weiler) is trying to get back at the team because we had a fallout while we were in Germany,” said Jason Sabio. “I don’t know the full story, they’re all just rumors.”

For his part, Simon Greatwich is disappointed that such an issue has come up with a big came coming up for the Azkals. The Philippine team faces Kuwait in the next round of their world cup qualifier.


  1. dragonoie says:

    Lumabas na ang cellphone clip unahan na lang sa pag download bago ma banned.

  2. Lanie says:

    This is a grave accusation, I hope that its not true. :(

  3. James Lopez says:

    Azkals? is this true?

  4. Kristel says:

    i don’t think so.

  5. Kristel says:

    yes. i am also hoping that this is not true :)